Enernova offers a wide range of products, including portable power supplies, solar panels, and home off-grid systems. We strive to make your life greener, more convenient and more environmentally friendly.

Enernova aims to provide the highest quality products and services for the development of new technology and customer satisfaction.


If you experience any inconvenience when purchasing or using Enernova products, we will provide the following support (guarantee). can be attached for a smooth response. If you purchase from other sellers or sellers, the quality of the product cannot be guaranteed, so it will not be covered by the manufacturer's regular warranty. If you have any questions about product defects, please contact the place of purchase.


Pre-purchase inquiries (product models, specifications, technical details): online@enernova.cn After-sales service (technical details, usage, malfunctions): support@enernova.cn Email sending time: Weekdays 10:00-16:00 *Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays excluded


(1) 30-day return and money back guarantee

Within 30 days (Note) from the date of your order, we will accept refunds after returning the product to the location specified by us only in one of the following cases. (Note: Pre-orders are excluded. Pre-orders only will be counted from the shipping date.)

1) In case of product defects

If the product does not work as described in the instructions, if the product is unused and damaged, or if the box was crushed when it arrived at the customer (these situations is called a "defect"), we will refund the full price of the product to the customer who wishes. In this case, we will bear the return shipping fee for returning the product. However, regarding product defects caused by actions that lead to product failures unintentionally by the customer, such as dropping after purchase, impact, modification, submersion, etc. (referred to as "defects caused by customer negligence"), It is not covered by this warranty.

2) If you wish to return the item for reasons other than the above

If there is no problem with the product you purchased, but you unintentionally ordered the wrong product (including wrong color or length), or if you wish to return the product, We will refund the full price of the product on the condition that you pay for the return shipping fee. Please note that we will not accept returns if the customer decides to return the product by cash on delivery. The above guarantees 1) and 2) are limited to Amazon stores where the seller is Enernova Refunds will be made through Amazon's system.

(2) 12 months product warranty

In the event that the product you are using within 12 months (Note) from the date of your order has an event that seems to be defective, after confirming that the event is defective, we will replace it with the same product, Alternatively, we will accept measures that we deem appropriate, such as repairs. In that case, we will bear the shipping fee. In addition, we offer a 24-month extended warranty with user registration on the official website (www.enernovatech.com). shop

(Note: Pre-orders are excluded. Pre-orders only will be counted from the shipping date.)

However, in the event that we are unable to replace the product with the same product due to our circumstances, such as out of stock, discontinued sales, etc., or if we are unable to take appropriate measures such as repairs, we may replace the product with an equivalent successor product. Alternatively, please note that we may refund the product price on the system. Defects caused by customer negligence are not covered by this warranty.


WARRANTIES ON THIS PAGE ARE PROVIDED SOLELY BY ENEROVA TO CUSTOMER. In addition to the warranty information on this page, Amazon also accepts returns and refunds according to a separate policy. If you want Amazon's warranty, please contact Amazon, not Enernova. .

The 12-month long-term product warranty is a service that provides support (warranty) for 12 months from the date of your order. The warranty period will not be extended again after arranging a replacement product or repaired product. The warranty support provided on this page is only available if the seller is enernovatech.com or Amazon.co.jp. Even if the customer purchased on the Amazon.co.jp website, if the customer purchases from another store or seller, the warranty provided on this page will not apply. Thank you. Please contact the store where you purchased the product.

In the event that we arrange replacement or repaired products based on the warranty information provided on this page, delivery is limited to within Japan. For example, even if the customer has moved overseas after purchase, the warranty can still be applied, but the delivery address for the replacement or repaired product must be an address within Japan. In addition, regarding the returns and returns for which our company bears the shipping costs for the warranty information on this page, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs and other costs related to the return from overseas to our company.

If you wish to receive the warranty information on this page, you must return the product to be returned or repaired to us. We kindly ask the customer to return the product within 2 weeks after confirmation of warranty acceptance through Enernov customer support. Please note that if the product is returned after two weeks, we may not be able to accept the warranty service.


Please have your product number and order number ready when contacting Customer Support. Please provide us with your product number and order number so that we can resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

If our policies regarding warranty support change, we will update this page as needed. If these terms are changed, the changed terms will apply to all products for which the customer applies for warranty support after the change. If you have purchased any of our products, please visit our Return Policy page at any time for the most up-to-date information.