Enernova ETA Ultra+200W Portable Solar Panel - ENERNOVA
Enernova ETA Ultra+200W Portable Solar Panel - ENERNOVA
Enernova ETA Ultra+200W Portable Solar Panel - ENERNOVA
Enernova ETA Ultra+200W Portable Solar Panel - ENERNOVA

Enernova ETA Ultra+200W Portable Solar Panel

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▪︎ 2,500W AC Pure Sine Wave Inverter (5,000W Surge)

▪︎ 2160Wh Capacity

▪︎ LiFePO4 Battery with 3,000+ Life Cycles to 80%

▪︎ Power 99% of Home Appliances

▪︎ Use Every Day for 10 Years

▪︎ 400W Max Solar Input

▪︎ 15 Ports for All Your Power Need

▪︎ Uninterruptible Power Supply(UPS)

▪︎ Unprecedented 5-Year Warranty

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Warranty: Up to 5 years warranty

Enernova ETA Ultra+200W Portable Solar Panel - ENERNOVA

Enernova ETA Ultra+200W Portable Solar Panel

$2,398.00 $1,499.00

Enernova ETA Ultra+200W Portable Solar Panel

$2,398.00 $1,499.00
尺寸: ETA ULTRA+200W

    Run 99% of Appliances You Need

    Power pretty much anything with up to 2500W Output

    ETA Ultra powers almost all the devices you need with a large 2500W AC output.Compared with similar portable power stations, ETA Ultra can power more devices while also preventing overloading and overheating.

    Catch the Sun

    Anywhere the sun shines is a chance to harness green.

    With a maximum of 400W solar input, you can recharge the portable power station outdoors quickly,
    conveniently, and sustainably.

    A True Powerhouse for Off-Grid Living

    Home Backup: Power through outages

    With 2160 Watt hours, you can charge 99% of home appliances and use all of your needs, so it's the right fit for our guests to use to keep the power on in case a snowstorm hits and the grid goes down, and it's also the right fit for us to run all of our power tools.

    Travel Far and Wide

    Durable Wheels,Retractable Handle

    Travel easier and avoid strenuous lifting, thanks to an extendable pull handle that's within close reach,no obstacle or terrain can stop this portable power.

    Non-Stop Power with UPS

    Almost Instant Switchover Times

    Use as an EPS(Emergency Power Supply) to auto-switch to battery power to protect all your work and devices when the grid gose down.


    ◉ Can this be used as a UPS for desktop computers?

    ENERNOVA ETA ULTRA Power Station supports EPS. If the desktop computers need an input wattage less than 2000W, then ETA ULTRA can be used as a UPS for desktop computers

    ◉ What is the length of cables that connect the device to the solar panels?

    The cable on the solar panel has a length of 1m. If you purchase an ETA ULTRA power station that comes with a solar panel, a 2.5m cable will be provided, resulting in a total length of 3.5m.

    ◉ What is the highest solar input power of the ETA ULTRA?

    The ENERNOVA ETA ULTRA Power Station can handle a maximum solar input power of 400W.

    ◉ Can this power the operation of a CPAP machine with a humidifier?

    Yes, the ETA ULTRA will be capable of running a CPAP machine with a humidifier. Besides, the running time of the CPAP will be vary under different settings. If turning the heater/humidifier off and setting the machine to a relatively low pressure level, the operating time will be much longer.

    ◉ Can this power a miter or table saw?

    The ETA ULTRA is capable of handling a maximum rated power of 2000W in total and a surge power of 4000W through the AC outlets. Can you please provide the power and initial current requirements for your miter and table saw?

    ◉ How can i connect this device to the two solar panels? what cables are needed, etc?

    The ETA ULTRA generator with two solar panels. Each solar panel has a 1-meter cable. When you make a purchase, you will also receive an extra 2.5-meter MC4 transfer cable. Start by connecting one end of the two solar panels. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the MC4 connectors in series, and then use the MC4 connector on the adapter cable to connect the two ends of the solar panel. Finally, connect the other end of the adapter cable to the XT-60 solar charging port of the ETA ULTRA generator.

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