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The following FAQs are common customer concerns before purchasing the product.
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Due to the nature of lithium-ion batteries,
we recommend checking the operation once every three months.

In addition, even if the product is stored without being used, it will still discharge naturally, but this will not be reflected in the display.

Please check the normal battery level and charge if necessary.

In addition, each Enernova portable power supply has a different "storage temperature".
Please refer to the product page or instruction manual for confirmation.

A "pure sine wave" is the waveform of the current flowing from an AC power supply in a household outlet, and it has a smooth curve and a regular shape. Since many home appliances are designed to be used with household outlets, some may not work properly unless they use a sine wave. Therefore, by choosing a sine wave portable power supply, it is possible to safely use home appliances in the same way as a household outlet. All ENERNOVA products are pure sine waves.

We do not recommend storing this product upside down, as it is manufactured to be used vertically.
Also, do not place this product on its side or upside down while using or storing it, as it may cause unexpected accidents or malfunctions.

All Enernova portable power supplies support pass-through charging.
(Pass-through charging = Charging the portable power supply while outputting power from the portable power supply)

We do not recommend using it all the time, as it will degrade the battery faster.

Theoretically, it is possible if the "voltage" and "connection terminal" of the solar panel correspond to the "input voltage" and "input terminal" of the Enernova portable power supply.

However, since we have not checked the operation, we cannot guarantee the operation.
When using other companies' solar panels, please do so at your own risk.

It is normal operation because the fan rotates to release the internal heat.
Our products use a smart heat dissipation system, the temperature sensing element checks the heat generation temperature of the internal heating element, and when the heat generation temperature reaches the design temperature (45 degrees), the cooling fan will start. dissipate heat.
The startup time/frequency of the cooling fan is affected by the environmental temperature and load power.
The higher the ambient temperature and the higher the load power, the faster the temperature of the internal elements rises, the faster the cooling fan starts up, and the higher the frequency.
Please contact us if you hear a different sound from the fan rotation.

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