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How to Charge Your Phone and Laptop While Camping

17 May 2024

These days, most of us spend more time on our smartphones or laptops than we realize—probably at least half of our day is spent looking at one screen or another. But when you're outdoors, how do you keep up this habit?

In the past, people used pretty low-tech gear when camping. Now, it's understandable if you're reluctant to part with your devices.

Fortunately, you don’t have to disconnect unless you want to! There are plenty of ways to stay connected while camping, even if you're off the grid for a bit. Here are five expert tips for charging your devices when you're away from home, along with some advice on how to get the most out of your battery life.

1.Use a USB Power Bank

A power bank is compact and highly portable, fitting easily into your bag without adding much weight. You can also choose one with the capacity that suits your needs.

While it's not specifically designed for camping, a power bank can keep your phone and other devices charged during your trip. Plus, it's just as handy in the city. If one isn't enough, you can always bring a couple more.

2.Choose a Portable Power Station

If you need to charge more than just your phone and laptop, you might want to move beyond a simple power bank. Your next option should be a portable power station.

Portable power stations come in various brands, power capacities, and weights. If you need something to last longer, they are the ultimate solution in many ways.

You can choose a suitable portable power station based on your needs. If you have higher power demands, go for a larger capacity one that can even charge your friends' devices during a camping trip.

Many portable power stations come with handles and wheels, making them easy to move around and ideal for camping and RV trips.

3.Harness the Power of the Sun

Solar panels have come a long way. You can now take solar generators with you on your hikes. Many of these generators use foldable solar panels.

The solar panels capture energy from the sunlight and store it in a battery. When you need to charge your devices, the solar generator transfers the stored energy to them.

Enernova's solar panels feature a foldable design and are IP68 waterproof and dustproof, making them one of the most portable options on the market. Plus, the sun provides a continuous source of energy. The only drawback is that you need to rely on sunlight, so keep that in mind!

4.Utilize Campground Power

Many campgrounds understand campers' need for electricity. If you're not keen on bringing power banks or portable generators, you can opt for a well-equipped campground, which typically has outlets available for charging.

However, some campgrounds may charge a fee for using their power facilities. But if you want to stay connected throughout your entire journey, it might be worth it.


Staying connected is crucial. With the right tools, you can extend the battery life of your smartphone and laptop. Ready to invest in a lightweight, solar-powered portable generator? Consider the Enernova ETA portable generator, with a capacity of 288Wh, it'll meet your power needs for both your phone and laptop.

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