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ETA PRO has been experimentally certified to have a UPS function!

20 Sep 2023

What is UPS?

UPS, which stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply, is a stable and reliable AC power source equipped with energy storage devices, primarily composed of rectifiers and inverters. It is primarily used to provide uninterrupted power supply to computers, servers, storage devices, network equipment, and other computing and communication network systems, as well as industrial control systems and industrial equipment that require continuous operation. When the mains electricity supply is normal, UPS regulates and supplies power to the load, functioning as an AC voltage stabilizer. Simultaneously, it charges energy storage devices like batteries. In the event of a power outage or electrical fault, UPS immediately switches to the stored energy from devices such as battery banks or flywheel energy storage systems, converting and supplying AC power to the load to ensure uninterrupted operation and safeguarding both hardware and software from damage.


UPS finds extensive applications in the IT industry and specialized precision equipment, covering various aspects of information collection, transmission, processing, storage, and application. Its significance continues to grow in tandem with the increasing importance of information technology.


What is EPS?


EPS, or Emergency Power Supply, refers to a system that can continue to supply power to the load in the event of a mains electricity failure, ensuring uninterrupted operation. EPS functionality is widely employed in building electrical systems, emergency lighting, fire safety, and other situations where emergency power supply is essential. It is considered a vital component of the "urban lifeline system." From the perspective of government institutions, enterprises, and civil infrastructure, relying solely on mains electricity is insufficient, necessitating the presence of an emergency power supply system (EPS). Its importance lies in its ability to provide the necessary emergency power during incidents, effectively reducing losses caused by power outages, and ensuring the safety of people's production and daily life.


EPS is exclusively used for providing continuous power supply to equipment without stringent time requirements, typically less than 0.2 seconds. It operates from mains electricity when the circuit is normal and switches to inverter power supply when mains electricity is interrupted. UPS, on the other hand, has much stricter time requirements, with a switching time of less than 10 milliseconds, making it suitable for applications demanding highly precise uninterrupted power supply. Additionally, UPS serves the purpose of voltage and frequency regulation. When mains electricity experiences low or high voltage, as well as surge conditions, UPS can generate high-quality power to ensure the normal operation of electrical equipment.


Based on tests conducted by the Enernova laboratory, both ETA PRO and ETA ULTRA can rapidly switch power sources in approximately 10 milliseconds. Therefore, both products possess UPS functionality and are suitable for devices with high power supply requirements.

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