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Enernova ETA-PRO: Eco-friendly, sustainable, multifunctional

27 Jul 2023

The Enernova ETA Pro is a highly efficient power solution designed for those who love to travel, are adventurous, and want to have emergency power for their home. The ETA Pro has a powerful 1050Wh capacity with an output of 1200W. It provides an emergency supply of electricity, and when connected to the wall, any device connected to it will draw power from the grid, not from the battery. In the event of a power outage, the ETA Pro will automatically switch to powered mode within 30 milliseconds, ensuring that your devices do not suddenly lose power and keeping you safe from blackouts. This feature offers enhanced flexibility and convenience for your energy needs.


The ENERNOVA ETA PRO 1200W power station is equipped with a comprehensive range of output ports, including 3 * 110V/1200W AC outlets, 1 * Type-C PD 100W output, 2 * Type-C PD 45W outputs, 1 * 12.5V/8.3A carport, 2 * USB-A outputs, 1 * USB QC3.0 output, and 1 * Wireless output. This versatile power station can charge up to 11 devices simultaneously, making it suitable for powering most of your electronic devices and saving valuable wall outlet space!


ETA Pro uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which greatly improve safety performance compared to other battery types. Additionally, the service life has been extended and increased by 6 times, making it possible to recycle the battery up to 3,000 times. Even after being fully charged and discharged 3,000 times, the battery capacity remains above 80%, ensuring a service life of nearly 10 years!


The ENERNOVA ETA PRO 1200W Portable Power Station with AC Quick Charge Plug utilizes advanced technology and supports AC charging inputs of up to 850W, enabling it to recharge quickly in just 1.5 hours. This ensures a swift restoration of uninterrupted power, making it ideal for camping trips or as an emergency home backup.


The ENEROVA ETA PRO also supports solar charging with 400W of solar input and can be fully charged in as little as 3.5 hours under ideal lighting conditions. This ensures that you will be able to utilize the solar panels to recharge your battery after using it outdoors.


About Enernova

“Ener” means energy, “Nova” is a Latin word that translates to “new” or “young” in English. It is often used to indicate something new, fresh, or innovative. Enernova’s portable solar energy storage products offer a perfect balance of environmental sustainability, portability, and power. Whether used outdoors or kept at home or in the office as an emergency backup during power outages, Enernova is in a league all its own.

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